Enlightened Media Productions

Passion Put to Use

“Enlightened Media Productions will increase the economic opportunities of minority-owned businesses in the Athens area. EMP was born out of my involvement with committees such as the ACC government (Mayor and Commission), Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, Envision Athens, and Athens Made, where African American and other minority-owned businesses in Athens did not have a voice in planning for our community’s growth. That has to change."

-Broderick Flanigan, Creative Founder

What is Enlightened Media?

Enlightened Media Productions is a vehicle to help bring more diverse and inclusive businesses into the fold of economic processes and development in the greater Athens area.

The way we do that is by consulting with minority-owned businesses on building positive business practices, studying the latest marketing trends, and generating customer-savvy content generation. We also partner with non-profits and business incubators that are working in small business development with the goal of taking their participants to the next level by leading them to opportunities that will help them grow their business.

Enlightened Media Productions, while serving all businesses, will partner with non-profits that currently receive grant money designed to target minority businesses to subsidize the cost normally associated with this type of consulting. We will help these businesses build their social media and internet foot print through individually-designed services which might include professional photo shoot, videography, or short commercials. We also show clients how to use these tools to brand a business, and to help ensure they can tell their story to the community.

Our work with non-profits and incubators will subsidize the bulk of the cost for businesses that qualify, which allows Enlightened Media Productions to provide a level of service small businesses might not be able to access otherwise. We will work with clients who have gone through programs like Goodwill’s GoodBIZ, the Small Business Development Center at UGA, Athens Land Trust, or Four Athens, a local tech incubator whose goal is to increase minority participation in their programs. We already have established relationships with these groups so we can direct a client to the program that would best allow them to accomplish their goals within their timeframe.

What We Do


Tell your story to the community.


Generate digital media content and marketing strategies.


Examine areas for growth in your business model


Tailor our quality services to your specific needs by listening carefully and intently.

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